presented herein

Are not to promote some more sin

But to help find an answer

For the reduction of cancer

So pay up and let us begin.

LIMERICKS from LGSA and other sources

Compiled or Written by. Kenneth S. Marsh, Ph.D., CPP

and offered to support research by the

Woodstock Institute for Science in Service to Humanity

(WIS2H  or  WISSH)

WIS2H for a cancer cure & global food security

102B Ole Towne Square, Central, SC 29630

Telephone: 864-654-6326, Fax: 864-654-8527





Most limericks are dirty.  The are also usually funny, although some do straddle the line between {fun, good taste and bawdy humor} and {crude, politically incorrect, and obscene}.  However, those of you who have come this far, are obviously at least partially interested.

Cancer is a dirty business.  It takes our loved ones away from us and detracts from the quality of life more than most diseases.  Its causes and treatment are complex.  If they were simple or even complex, but fell within the sphere of standard medical research, a cure would have been found long ago.  However, in spite of $ billions spent, suffering from this disease continues.

This volume is an attempt to take the whimsical and light-hearted limerick and use it to generate support for a novel approach to cancer research and global food security – our two emphasis areas.  The connection grew out of both the cancer research and the limerick writing coming out of the UU Camp - Lake Geneva Summer Assembly (L.G.S.A.), which is the initial forum for this offering.

The Woodstock Institute for Science in Service to Humanity (WIS2H or WISSH) grew out of LGSA when the author and Gerry Pearson spoke after choir workshop to link an interesting idea with medical research.  The description appears elsewhere on this website for those who are interested.  The website also describes our research in cancer and our efforts to build global food security.  All WIS2H activities are currently volunteer, but continuance will require funding as seeking all volunteer work, at the very least, is slow.  We have had wonderful donations of time and resources on MRI units in hospitals in Woodstock and Seneca, as well as research done in Germany, but funds will give us more and faster progress.

So this volume is an unabashed solicitation for funds to continue the cancer research.  It is also a forum to build awareness of the research and take advantage of the limericks I have written or collected over the last 20 years of LGSA coffeehouse.

Before I close, I encourage support for The Woodstock Institute for Science in Service to Humanity so that we can continue and expand our work.  

WIS2H (or WISSH in e-mail correspondence) is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, and donations are therefore tax deductible.

I hope you enjoy them.


                                            Kenneth S. Marsh, Ph.D., CPP

                                            Amperor (the guy in charge of charging the staff)



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                                 As we finish this august collection

                                 I trust that you found no objection

                                    But I hope you will pause

                                    To consider our cause

                                 And give us a generous donation.

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I will also repeat our contact information below and save you from all of the time and effort to turn back to the beginning.

WIS2H for a cancer cure & global food security

102B Ole Towne Square, Central, SC 29630

Telephone: 864-654-6326,  Fax: 864-654-8527