World hunger can be eliminated.

Sufficient resources already exist.

Hunger Facts
– World food production is sufficient to feed every person on earth with 2800
       calories/day (more than we need)
– 821 million people (1 in 7) go chronically hungry.
– 1/3 of total food production (1.3 billion tons) is lost or wasted annually.
– If we recovered 16.2% of these losses, we could feed everyone.

– We know how to save at least this much food.  Countries around the globe have developed ways to reduce food losses, but many very effective methods are not known beyond the country’s borders.  Identifying already existing appropriate post-harvest technologies and promoting international exchange could recover sufficient food to feed all.

Affluent countries have sufficient food but waste about 1/3 of it.  You can do much to save food and save money by not discarding good food.  Food remain good passed “Sell by” and “Best by” dates.  “Use by” for fresh meats should be followed (eaten or frozen).

WISSH has worked to reduce food losses worldwide since 1991.

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