About Our Director

Our Executive Director and director of the Global Food Security program is Kenneth
S. Marsh, Ph.D., CPP, CFS. He has a unique combination of skills to reduce food
losses: chemistry, food science, packaging, distribution and international trade. He
earned his PhD in Food Science with a specialty in Packaging in 1976, became a
Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) in 1993 and a Certified Food Scientist (CFS)
in 2013.
Dr. Marsh was the first endowed professor of packaging science in the US, co-editor
of the Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology, 2nd edition and served on the
Subcommittee on Technical Specifications for a High-Energy Emergency Relief
Ration, Institute Of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences in 2001. He published
two Scientific Status Summaries on environmental impacts of packaging (1991 and
2007) and began working on reducing food losses in 1992. He established the
WISSH Global Food Security program in 2000.
Dr. Marsh has been a leader in adding post harvest food loss reduction to the major
emphasis on increasing agricultural production. He was a delegate at the World
Food Summit: Five years later (Rome, 2002) at which he presented a post harvest
approach to the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN (FAO) when over 98%
of FAO’s effort was on agricultural production. Nine years later FAO presented two
major reports on post harvest food losses and packaging to reduce food losses,
including the estimate of 1/3 losses, at the 1st Save Food Congress. Dr. Marsh
presented a comprehensive approach to reduce food losses at that same congress.
Dr. Marsh was a speaker at the World Bank, 8 World Food Congresses, 2 World
Packaging Congresses and many other national and international conferences.

Dr. Marsh is a Fellow of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (FIoPP), a Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists (FIFT), a Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (FIAFoST), and recipient of the Elizabeth F. Stier Award for Humanitarian Action.