Reducing Hunger

Ways to reduce hunger:
1) Produce more food (most efforts)
2) Reduce food loss and waste
3) Get food to people who need it
4) Increase ability of people to buy food

Our Global Food Security program addresses 2) and 4).

Most efforts to reduce hunger have concentrated on producing more food. We
began championing looking at food losses in 1992 and food loss is now a significant
consideration – but hunger persists. We can do more.

WISSH has developed a comprehensive plan to reduce food losses through
international cooperation to apply existing ways to save already produced food.

We believe that a comprehensive food security plan could recover sufficient food to
feed 30 million people within 3 years with an ultimate cost of under $12 per person
per year. Some of the food will be inputs for cottage industries (component 4).

Check out our comprehensive food security plan.

Definitions for key terms.