Food Security: Securing an adequate, safe and appropriate food supply.
Appropriate includes local tastes and restriction.

Post-harvest food losses: All food losses occurring after harvest, including:
Physical losses due to spillage, bruising, crushing, vibration and impact
Chemical in0luences, typically moisture loss or gain and oxidation
Biological losses including insects, birds, rodents, microorganisms and over-
Loss of nutrients in otherwise intact food
Loss of food quality
These losses can occur during each step of transfer, transport, warehousing, etc.

Post-harvest food value chain: Food cleaning, sorting, transfer, transportation,
storage, preservation, processing (where appropriate), packaging, distribution, and
waste utilization.
(Packaging in this context includes bags, shippers and crates as well as consumer

Appropriate technologies: Technologies which consider the culture, resources and
capabilities of the country in which they will be implemented.

Food Waste:
edible food that is discarded. This occurs at retail, hospitality and
consumer levels.